Al Barsha, Dubai

Dar Maryam

We were engaged in a truly interesting process of designing the residential environment at Maryam Villa. We are proud of our wallpaper efforts as we worked with the residents in improving their living spaces aesthetically and environmentally. Let us tell you more about the design process and how we made Maryam Villa a visually appealing house with personal touches.


Dar Maryam

With our professional wallpaper work at Blue Bay Interiors, we had the joy of turning Maryam Villa in Al Barsha into a beautiful and individual space. We craftily picked out and set up wallpapers that complemented the look of every room, putting a personal touch into each one. Let’s explore the different wallpaper themes we incorporated in the villa.

Kids’ Room

For a light and creative feel in the children’s room, we applied bright kids-themed wallpaper. The wallpaper was adorned with colorful and fantastic designs of cartoon characters, animals or attractive sceneries that inspired creativity in children while maintaining a joyous atmosphere.

Living Room

We wanted to transform the living room into a beautiful and cozy place. We carefully selected a wallpaper design that would be in accordance with the overall interior idea of the villa. It may be a contemporary geometric design or an inspiration from nature. By choosing this wallpaper, depth was added to the living room color as well as its textures making it a point of interest that improved the overall look.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, we sought to establish a haven of peace and serenity. We chose a quiet and peaceful wallpaper layout that encouraged restfulness. It could be an easy floral pattern, a gentle abstract design or quiet natural scenery. The selected wallpaper created a harmony and sense of comfort for the master bedroom.

At Blue Bay Interiors, we know that the choice of wallpaper sets in defining a room’s mood and character. With our team of professionals who excel at choosing the most appropriate wallpaper styles, patterns as well as colors, we reflect clients’ preferences and bring their vision to life.