Customized Wooden Products

Rooms are just empty and nonfunctional without the right set of furniture. Each room needs to be arranged in such a way that it serves its purpose most effectively. Furniture plays a great role here, and we help you to choose the best couches, sofas, and other furniture to make your spaces most alluring and efficient.

You may be having different and unique requirements in your mind when it comes to furniture selection. From beds, bar stools, bookshelves to even tables and desks, we can help you get hold of the best customized wooden products with us. You can always turn to us, Blue Bay Interiors, for all your needs related to custom-made furniture in Dubai.


If you are someone looking for custom-made beds in Dubai, then you are at the right place. With us, at Blue Bay Interiors, you can get the bed of your dreams based on your preferences and requirements. Beds often stands as a synonym for comfort and solace and with our diverse collection of beds that combine comfort, style and beauty. Whether you have a small space or a large bedroom with plenty of space, our wide range of bed sizes and styles can ensure you with the perfect fit.

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Bar Stools

We understand the importance of paying attention to every detail when it comes to designing a practical bar or kitchen counter. That is why we provide a selection of bar stools that seamlessly blend comfort, aesthetics and durability. Whether you prefer a rustic or upholstered style our collection offers something to cater to your taste and complement your interior design. Our designed bar stools range, from contemporary options to warm and inviting choices ensuring...

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Poufs and Benches

Looking to add charm, versatility and extra seating to your living space? You will certainly love our collection of poufs and benches as they will bring attractive color to the inside of your home and improve your life through art. Our customized poufs and benches in Dubai are all made using only the finest materials and crafted with the greatest attention to detail. They stand up to wear well and have that elusive quality -- style. Regardless of whether you are looking for a plush comfortable pouf or a stylish and modern bench, we have many options from which to choose.

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Bookshelves and Desks

Furniture is not simply functional but an opportunity for you to showcase your aesthetic preferences. So too it can enhance the tone of the space where you live. We recognize that your home or office is an environment expressing individuality as peculiar as your own personality. With our bookshelves, you can use wood or metal to keep the best works of literature, cherished photo albums of happiest times taken together or anything that you like to keep organized. As for desks, you can customize them in the way you like your workspace to be.

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Chairs and Tables

We at Blue Bay Interiors think that chairs and tables are not just pieces of furniture but indispensable elements that can add to the beauty and utility of a space. We have a very wide variety of chairs and tables to choose from. These different styles enable one to transform their spaces into charming, captivating and well-equipped ones.

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