Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Jumeirah City Villas

We are proud to have worked with a reputable client on an impressive project at Jumeirah City Villas, which involved the supply of curtains and blinds, carpets and even wardrobes. The quality pieces of carpets that were implemented in the villa reflect our commitment to create a place that is aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. Take a closer look at the transformative interior fit out services that we delivered for this exceptional residence.


Jumeirah City Villas

We were extremely delighted to work with an exceptional client for curtains, blinds, carpets and wardrobes at Jumeirah City Villa. We had our team to work in alignment with our clients requirements and created a space that they dreamt of.

Curtain and Sheer

In association with a client from Jumeirah City Villa, Blue Bay Interiors developed luxurious curtain and sheer sets. The fabrics we chose are of high quality and our custom curtains were designed to match the interior design of the villa. The curtains not only helped in creating privacy and light management but also added an extra grace to the living rooms.

Zebra Blind

Apart from the curtains, Blue Bay Interiors also installed zebra blinds at Jumeirah City Villa. However, the main characteristic of zebra blinds is their versatility and ease in light control as well as modesty. We carefully measured, and subsequently installed these blinds to ensure a perfect fit. Zebra blinds provided the villa’s windows with a contemporary look, while at the same time controlling the light entering through them.


Also, for Jumeirah City Villa, Blue Bay Interiors offered personalized sofa options. Our team engaged the villa owners in order to determine their needs and preferences. Our sofas were not only cozy and highly practical, but also complemented the villa’s concept of interior decoration. The sofas transformed into interesting highlights in the living areas, offering comfy and attractive seating for residents as well as guests.

Parquet & Carpet

In order to improve the aesthetics of flooring, Blue Bay Interiors laid parquet floors and also offered carpet solutions at Jumeirah City Villa. Parquet is timeless and durable. The installation of parquet flooring and carpets were carefully carried out by our team, with an emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. This led to an incredible and luxurious flooring structure that made the interior spaces of villa even more beautiful.

Kids Playroom

Blue Bay Interiors created a playroom for children at Jumeirah City Villa. Acknowledging the significance of a safe and engaging playground for children, our team developed an area that was not only enjoyable but also engaging. We introduced bright and playful components with children in mind, creating a creative yet inspiring space where young ones could enjoy their activities including learning.


Jumeirah City Villa had custom wardrobes designed and installed by Blue Bay Interiors. Our team developed and assembled wardrobes that optimized the available space while maintaining minimalism. We focused not only on functionality but also beauty, as we wanted our wardrobes to fit harmoniously into the overall design of each space while preserving adequate storage for clothing and other items.

Using our interior design skills and meticulous attention to detail, we at Blue Bay Interiors turned Jumeirah City Villa into an elegant yet beautiful home. We are proud of providing high-quality and modern design solutions that consider the individual needs and preferences of our clients.