Oud Metha, Dubai

Punarjani Ayurvedic Clinic

We we­re delighted to he­lp create a safe and we­lcoming space at Punarjani Ayurvedic Clinic! A crucial task we unde­rtook was fitting-out user-friendly treatme­nt rooms. Read on to learn more about the­ detailed planning and expe­rt handiwork that established a cozy and pleasant ambiance­ at Punarjani Ayurvedic Clinic.


Punarjani Ayurvedic Clinic

Blue Bay Interiors had the greatest opportunity to collaborate with Punarjani Ayurvedic Clinic to create a soothing and functional environment. Our team of professionals worked diligently to provide high-quality joinery works that enhanced the overall aesthetics of the clinic.

Wash Counter Cabinets

In the treatment rooms, Blue Bay Interiors designed and installed cabinets with wash counters that were both functional yet looking beautiful at the same time. We took into account the specific needs of the clinic and made sure that the cabinets we chose offered sufficient storage space while still giving a neat look.

Pantry Furniture

Custom pantry furniture for Punarjani Ayurvedic Clinic was also made by us. Our team designed cabinets and shelves to utilize the space most effectively, allowing clinic staff easy accessibility of pantry items. Such furniture was produced by taking into consideration its durability, functionality and also appearance.

Entrance Wall Paneling

In order to make the entrance of Punarjani Ayurvedic Clinic look inviting and welcoming, Blue Bay Interiors used beautiful wall paneling. Wall paneling was designed to go along with the overall interior design theme of the clinic, where it added some sophistication and warmth.

With our attention to detail and delivery of excellence, Blue Bay Interiors was able to turn Punarjani Ayurvedic Clinic into a functional space with aesthetic appeal. We take pride in the fact that we create design solutions aimed at improving an individual’s well-being and add to the overall ambiance of a facility.