We offer an extensive collection of beds at Blue Bay Interiors that delivers the perfect balance between style, comfort and superior craftsmanship for you. To begin with, if you are fond of the genuine charm and naturalness of wood or prefer soft, comfortable fabric upholstery we have the best choice that suits your needs.

Bespoke Furniture In Dubai

Wooden Beds

Our beds made of wood reveal the unique beauty and long-lasting character of natural lumber. Made out of durable hardwood materials like oak, walnut or pine these beds are high on aesthetics and craftsmanship. Wooden beds embody the uniqueness of nature with their natural tones, unique grain patterns, and durability in bespoke bedroom adornments. Our wooden beds come in different designs ranging from rustic and farmhouse to modern minimalist and are versatile bringing durability, charm and sophistication.

Fabric Upholstered Beds

Enjoy the luxury of our fabric-upholstered beds. The beds include a padded headboard and/or footboard covered with luxurious fabrics – linen, velvet or microfiber. The velvety and comfortable upholstery gives off a warm and welcoming ambience, which is ideal for relaxing after work. Our fabric upholstered beds offer a variety of colors, textures and patterns that enable the owner to reflect their individual taste in style while complementing bedroom decor. Whether you are looking for a traditional design, or mid-century modern design, our fabric upholstered beds combine the perfect blend of comfort with style.

Leather Upholstered Beds

If you desire a bedroom that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication, our leather upholstered beds are the perfect choice. Crafted with genuine leather or high-quality faux leather, these beds provide a luxurious and refined aesthetic. The smooth and supple leather upholstery adds a touch of opulence to your bedroom, creating a focal point that elevates the overall ambiance. With a range of leather colors and finishes to choose from, our leather upholstered beds effortlessly blend into various interior design styles, from traditional to modern, while offering exceptional durability and easy maintenance. Our team of experienced design consultants is here to assist you in selecting the ideal bed for your bedroom. We provide personalized consultations to understand your preferences, style, and specific requirements. We offer guidance on choosing the right bed type, size, and design that perfectly complements your space and enhances your sleeping experience. Our professional installers ensure a seamless and precise installation, ensuring that your bed is not only beautiful but also functional. Visit Blue Bay Interiors today to explore our collection of beds. Contact us now to schedule a consultation, and let our experts guide you in selecting the perfect bed that transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and style.