Japanese Blinds

These blinds are also known as Japanese panel blinds or sliding panel blinds, and they have a history in Japan. They are known for the large fabric panels that slide horizontally in a track-based mechanism. Japanese blinds provide a smooth and clean appearance, which is ideal for the current trendy style of contemporary interiors.

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Key Features of Japanese Blinds:

Sliding Panels: Japanese blinds are fabric panels that slide effortlessly on a track. These shades are retractable to allow for the manipulation of light intensity and privacy levels in a room.

 Versatile Light Control: Through the overlay or alignment of fabric panels you can attain various degrees of sunlight penetration. The panels can be fully opened to provide a panoramic view and unconstrained natural light or completely closed for privacy where sunlight is blocked out.

 Customizable Design: Japanese blinds provide variety in fabric choices such as sheer and translucent materials to opaque fabrics. They also have different colors, styles, and textures so that you can adapt them to your interior design.

 Space-Efficient: The sliding panel design of Japanese blinds occupies very little space, which makes them the perfect solution for small rooms and places with limited available rooms. They are also a perfect answer to the question of how bigger areas such as open floor plans, or sliding door sections can be separated.

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