Chairs and Tables

We at Blue Bay Interiors think that chairs and tables are not just pieces of furniture but indispensable elements that can add to the beauty and utility of a space. We have a very wide variety of chairs and tables to choose from. These different styles enable one to transform their spaces into charming, captivating and well-equipped ones.

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Buffet Tables

Buffet tables can be more than simple storage options since they can make a bold statement in your room by adding exquisiteness and classiness to it. They also allow for abundant storage for food, beverages, and other decorative objects during such events as parties or special days throughout the year. There are both traditional buffets that come with floral motifs carved onto their surfaces and alternatively minimalist variants made of smooth materials. You can also find stains in warm shades and painted finishes modern enough; so you can match it with your own interior style. Numerous compartments such as shelves, drawers or cupboards are included in many buffet tables thus providing you with adequate space for keeping tableware, linen, etc. With us you can also personalize the arrangement depending on your preferences as regards to storage which fits your needs more accurately.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are not just a place where you put your drinks; they are the focal point, which can give a new vibe to your living room or lounge. Additionally, such tables create the central gathering space for family and friends while adding both style and functionality to your home. Check out our range of handpicked rare and unique coffee tables that have been selected based on their craftsmanship, design and artistic values. Our coffee tables come in different materials and finishes ranging from natural wood finishes to glass or metal compositions for people with different tastes. For instance, they can be rectangular, square or even round abstract designs. In addition, the coffee tables will often have extra storage options like drawers, shelves or hidden compartments thus making them more useful in day-to-day life.

Dining Chairs and Tables

Dining rooms are places where families gather together to eat and make memories that will last forever. It is always important to arrange dining chairs and tables properly so as to create a warm and welcoming environment for these special moments. We have different styles of dining chairs such as upholstered chairs with soft seating, classic wooden chairs with intricate carvings or modern designs with smooth lines. Our dining tables are available in different sizes and shapes, such as round, rectangular, or extendable tables, allowing you to accommodate various numbers of guests and adapt to different occasions. Customizable finishes and tabletop materials, such as solid wood, glass, or marble, provide options to complement your interior design style.

Along with the chairs and tables, we provide a variety of other furniture items that can be used as elements to achieve your interior design dreams. We have dressers, floor rugs, lounge chairs and mirror collections, night cabinets , side tables, sofa tables, TV consoles and so on. Each item is chosen very carefully in regards to quality, design and craftsmanship. Regardless of whether you are looking for storage options, accent pieces or functional additions to your space, our complementary furniture choices will harmoniously fit into your overall decor scheme.


Come by our shop to see the great selection of chairs and tables which we have along with our other furniture. Our professional staff will also help you find pieces that are fitting your style, preferences, and practical necessities. Blue Bay Interiors is determined to assist you in creating a visually exciting and highly functional space where each element complements the others seamlessly.